Mary Anne Bechtel's clients love her no nonsense, cut-to-the-chase approach. It could be her years of real estate experience, her intimate knowledge of Brunswick County or her exemplary 20-year Navy career that helps her consistently exceed expectations.

"Success to me is being able to convert a lead into a lifelong client and friend," said Bechtel. "It is important that my clients consider me their first resource for all their real estate needs."


Bechtel and her stellar team of agents utilize online tools of the trade to make the home buying and selling process as easy as possible. Her website, online magazine and e-mail newsletter are just a few ways visitors can get to know her, her staff and their properties before meeting face to face.

"My websites offer a way to search for properties, make preparations to visit, learn about the area and simply get a grasp of our local market," she said, adding that online surfers can download a digital relocation guide and helpful information for buyers and sellers.


Bechtel's interest in housing and architecture and her sincere desire to help people led her to the perfect career.

"I love the opportunity to help people accomplish their goals in finding a perfect dream house or vacation home," she said. "I enjoy sharing in their enthusiasm and excitement."

To say that Daphne and Niels Frederiksen they are well-traveled is a bit of an understatement. Daphne, a longtime South Africa resident, has spent time in New York and Westchester County. Niels has lived and worked all over the globe, including Denmark, Saudi Arabia and New York. Today they call Dayton, Ohio, home. Their latest adventure? Finding the perfect vacation home on the sunny Southeast coast.

Real estate expert uses experience,
know-how and technology to turn
clients into lifelong friends

Like most buyers and sellers, the Frederiksens began their house hunt on the Internet. They were thrilled to find Bechtel's website and have spent hours online learning about her company, her property listings and Brunswick County.

"After extensive surfing on many websites, Mary Ann's is certainly in a league of its own," said Daphne. "I found it extremely user-friendly."

With help from Bechtel, their search led them to the Southport area, specifically to St. James Plantation. They find the privacy, security, amenities and laid-back attitude a good match for their lifestyle.

"The great part about St. James is it offers four beautiful golf courses, walkways along the marina, boating, fishing, cycling and a variety of up-market restaurants," said Daphne. "The private beach is also an attraction for us."

Daphne and Niels said Bechtel has made them feel comfortable throughout the process, and, wherever their future plans take them, they are looking forward to working with her again.


Bill Macchio, president of Media Services, knows a virtual presence is often the first step to a real-life client/ agent connection. His company provides websites, online magazines and other tools to real estate companies and other businesses, and he is constantly looking for ways to keep online media interesting and informative.

"One of the things I enjoy most is being creative in the ways we integrate articles with websites and our Facebook

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marketing," said Macchio. "This benefits users both online and off and helps our clients like Mary Ann Bechtel help her clients."

To learn more, contact Bill Macchio at [email protected] or call (800) 433-7396 ext. 21.

by Courtney McLaughlin